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Ship updates to your whitelabeled apps with
zero developer time.

Automate your mobile app deployment with Cloudfive.

Your developers spend too much time on manual rework. That's expensive time that's costing you lots of money.

Keep your developers doing what they do best, while Cloudfive manages builds, screenshots, brand colors, and more.

Deploy your apps with ease.

You already know how difficult it is to manage brand colors, screenshots, logos, Apple Developer accounts, Google Play accounts, and more for every whitelabeled app you produce.

Cloudfive's web-based tools let you keep your deployment pipeline organized and efficient. How?

  • Keep track of all your whitelabel "flavors" and the things that are different in each of them
  • Create a new release with one button, and let Cloudfive build, upload, and submit all of your apps

Here's how Cloudfive can help:

For developers

Learn strategies for streamlining your mobile app continuous deployment. Reduce developer time up to 85% by automating the hurdles imposed by Apple and Google.

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Screenshot of Cloudfive software

For account managers

Learn how you can onboard a new customer & publish their app to the app stores without waiting for a developer.

Being able to offer our customers their own branded app has been a complete gamechanger for us.

What used to cost someone thousands of dollars, we can now provide them with a few clicks. It not only helps create even better customers who are more bought into our platform and stick with us longer but it also gives us an expansion revenue option that wasn't available before.

If you're looking for the easiest way to create an additional revenue stream, elate your customers and build a lasting relationship with them, Cloudfive is the answer.

- Kane Sivesind, MyCoach

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